About the company

About the company

DT Hydraulics BV was founded in 2014 and is based in Moordrecht in The Netherlands. With our fully equipped workshop, service vans and hydraulic test bench we can quickly produce hydraulic systems or trace and resolve hydraulic problems in a professional manner.

The combination of our well equipped engineering department (3D, diagrams, manifolds) and close cooperation with companies in a variety of disciplines (construction, electrical, controls, piping) and our experience of managing projects, allows our compact team to respond quickly and flexibly to the demands of complex projects, without the restrictions of a large and unwieldy organisation.

In addition, many customers in the markets where we are active attach great value to proper documentation (diagrams, list of materials, manuals, etc.) of the systems supplied. We are also able to help in this area thanks to our investment in the best equipped engineering section.


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Dik Terlouw, founder of DT Hydraulics

As an independent contractor, I have been involved in developing, supplying and repairing hydraulic systems for a vast variety of applications, mainly in the ship building industry, since 1989.

Mainly from the desire to stay involved with the technical aspects and to expand my overall view of the industry, in 2009 I decided to sell my business - that had expanded and employed fifteen employees - to a larger company that had similar activities. At this company, working as a Project Manager, I carried out a variety of complex projects all over the world for a period of three years. From a technical perspective these projects always gave me great pleasure but I could not get used to the organisational limitations imposed by a large company and ultimately this actually had a negative effect on the pleasure of implementing these challenging projects. Therefore I resigned from this company.

After a period of reflection, I came to the conclusion that I still wanted to be involved with hydraulic systems and projects, and I set up DT Hydraulics BV. With twenty five years of knowledge and experience and without the restrictions of a large organisation, my ambition is to make sure that DT Hydraulics continue to carry out inspiring projects with a professional, flexible and customer focussed approach.

About the company



We speak the language of our customers and know how to get things moving quickly.


We have more than twentyfive years of experience in complex projects. We are particularly strong in engineering and project management.


Together we can arrive at a smart solution that works and can be delivered within budget and on time.