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Because we have been involved with all types of hydraulic system for some considerable time, we are able to offer a complete range of services, despite being a relatively young company. Our experience has taught us that larger companies often struggle because of their sheer size when it comes to  efficiency, energy and customer focus. Our ambition is for our compact, enthusiastic team to provide our customers with all the services they need in the area of hydraulic drives and controls, even when the projects are challenging. We can achieve this by making use of the following skills and technology.

  • 3D engineering of systems and components
  • We also use 3D engineering for hydraulic manifolds
  • Using the latest software to draw up schedules, technical documentation, manuals, etc.
  • Working in close cooperation with other flexible, customer focused companies from a variety of disciplines

In addition we record and check our processes such as planning, time accounting and flow of goods using fully customised ERP software, which allows us to manage larger and more complex projects.




We are ready to help trace problems and/or carry out repairs on your systems 24/7, anywhere in the world. Of course we can also carry out maintenance work, installation work and commissioning of complete systems for you. We can carry out this work locally with our well equipped service vehicles. Our engineers have also had extensive experience of working abroad.


Our workshop also has hydraulic testing facilities. Using this equipment we can test hydraulic components under pressure to check their functionality. We also use the equipment for testing and adjusting our manifolds for proper functioning prior to delivery.


For on-site installation, we have a couple of fully equipped mobile workshops, with - if the jobs requires - a mobile office.





We speak the language of our customers and know how to get things moving quickly.


We have more than twentyfive years of experience in complex projects. We are particularly strong in engineering and project management.


Together we can arrive at a smart solution that works and can be delivered within budget and on time.