11-01-2021: Order replacement hydraulic systems "Goereese Sluis"

11-01-2021: Order replacement hydraulic systems "Goereese Sluis"

The lock "Goereese sluis" is part of the Haringvliet locks and is an important passage to the open sea for fishing, shipping and recreational shipping. The Goereese Sluis consists of three sets of doors, Outer, Intermediate and Inner doors. Each set has a door for low and high tide on the north and south sides. An hydraulic system on each side is responsible for the door movement of these doors and for the movement of the leveling gates. In total there are 6 hydraulic powerpacks available at the Goereese Sluis. The current hydraulic powerpacks are due for replacement. The project includes the engineering, fabrication and installation of the hydraulic units and piping.
In May 2021, SPIE will start together with DT Hydraulics. The project starts on location with the replacement of the hydraulics for the intermediate doors. After this, the outer doors will be renovated. These must be completed before the storm season that starts around October 15th. When these two parts have been completed, the inner doors can also be renovated. This planning guarantees maximal availability of the lock throughout the year.
11-01-2021: Order replacement hydraulic systems "Goereese Sluis"



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