Offshore Pipe Handling Systems

Offshore Pipe Handling Systems

In close cooperation with a producer of ship cranes we took care of the engineering, delivery, installation and commissioning of the hydraulic systems for 4 newly developed offshore pipe handling cranes. For each crane we delivered a 3x104kW pump skid and a 35kW powerpack with the required manifolds, filters and coolers, etc. Due to the very limited available space, engineering these systems was already quite a challenge, but the requested timeschedule made this project a "Mission (Almost) Impossible". The lead time from order to delivery - including more than 4 weeks of engineering - was 3 months (!) After a very tightly planned installation and flushing of piping, we have commissioned the 4 cranes during the transit of the vessels to Mexico. The 4 systems are already in full operation and performing above expectation.

Again in this project our ability to engineer complex systems and manifolds in 3D was very useful. See at the bottom of this page also some pictures which show the design process of a manifold.

Offshore Pipe Handling Systems
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Offshore Pipe Handling Systems

Because of the very limited space we also performed the 3D detailed engineering and delivered the production drawings for all the hydraulic piping on this cranes. See a picture of the model on the left.

  • 30200266-350-r02-isometricview7.png
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