Drive and control subsea tool LARS

Drive and control subsea tool LARS

For a new design subsea tool LARS we took care of the engineering, delivery and commissioning of a hydraulic power pack with control system. Our scope included:

  • An electrical driven 150kW powerpack, assembled in a 10ft offshore container according to DNV 2.7-1.
  • Two stainless steel control boxes, containing a hydraulic manifold with electrical cabinet.
  • An electronic control box with PLC control.
  • An intensive (partly simulated) test of the installation in our workshop.
  • Commissioning the system on site in UK

This whole project was carried out in close collaboration with the customer, as they were responsible for the mechanical and functional design. Due to the complexity of the installation it was an intensive and challenging process, with a satisfactory result in the end!

Drive and control subsea tool LARS
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